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Here’s where you can find links to content written by myself for the School of Public Policy, news outlets, or personal blogs.

School of Public Policy Publications and Media:

– Social Policy Trends: Global Refugee Resettlement and Canada

Articles (English)

Articles (French)

Radio (English)

– Ping-pong Asylum: Renegotiating the Safe Third Country Agreement

Radio (English)

– Social Policy Trends: Immigrant Retention in Urban-Rural Settings

– Social Policy Trends: Financial Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Articles (French)

– Slow, Subjective and Stressful: A Guide to Canada’s Asylum System

Articles (French)

Radio (English)

Other Publications:

– Indigenous and Refugee Populations in the Urban Setting: The Role of Municipalities

Visual Pieces:

– Immigrant Retention in Provinces, Cities and Rural Areas

Other Media:

– Star Edmonton – United Conservatives pitch ‘rural renewal’ immigration strategy for Alberta